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The farm's origin is old: born in 1808, almost 50 years before the unification of Italy, with an extension of 150 hectares with an exclusively wine-production, it grouped a multitude of plots that over the years were dismembered, because of hereditary divisions. Its history is also evidenced by the dates imprinted in the plasters of the cellar and the millstone, as well as on the staves of the large 350 hectolitres barrels.

Today the farm's area is 20 hectares cultivated with chestnut trees. In the central core of the farm is situated the originary 2400 square meters old buildings and the new building work with the processing plants for the packaging of products and the cold storage rooms.

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Azienda Agricola CAVAGRANDE

To create the chestnut orchard and make it mechanized, the traditional small terraces of the Etna hill had to be flattened, that allowed the soil cultivation only manually; a viability of over 3000 linear meters of internal land roads to facilitate the mechanical cultivation. All plants are equipped with sprinkler irrigation systems with some kilometers of underground pipe lines fed by two storage tanks for a total of 1400 cubic meters capacity.

Two generations and almost 50 years of experience in the agricultural field have allowed, together with the most modern techniques, to obtain today results that comfort the goodness of the methods used.

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We can guarantee the shelf life of the fruits from September to May , using innovative cold storage systems, not using chemical additives of any kind.

Experience, competence and seriousness allow us to directly supply a worldwide customers: main fruit Markets, mass retailers, wholesalers and fruits agents.

"Passion, commitment and dedication repaid by the goodness of our fruits"

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