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Etna  Marroni

Compared to wild chestnuts, "marroni" peel immediately because the thin inner skin does not penetrate inside the pulp, as happens with wild chestnuts, and therefore easily detaches when peeled. The white pulp is crunchy and sweet. "Marroni" are delicious when roasted and tasty goodness when boiled. Ideal for the preparation of any dish.
Our product is delivered in net packaging, diversified according to their size and delivered under the "Primexa" brand. We are able to satisfy different needs of customers with customized packaging.
To best enjoy our product, we recommend keeping the chestnuts in the fridge and in a sealed bag at a temperature of 6-8 °C and consume within 1-2 weeks.

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The sizes produced and marketed are as follows:

  • Size AAA     (less 48 fruits per kilogram)

  • Size AA       (between 48 - 65 fruits per kilogram)

  • Size A         (between 65 -85 fruits per kilogram)

  • Size B          (more than 85 fruits per kilogram)


  • Home storage: in the fridge and in a sealed bag at a temperature of <8 °C for 1-2 weeks;

  • Storage in logistics platform / carrier fridge / market fridge: 1 °C / 3 °C;

  • Transport by isothermal trucks at 4-10 °C.

Download our brochure with tips for storing and preparing our products!


                  ALWAYS PEEL!

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