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Cultivation, growing, selection, sizing, storage and packaging of the "Marroni" are processed in the Sant'ALFIO factory according to high quality standards .

After the harvesting and sizing operations, the chestnuts are selected by workers on hand control tables.

With the packaging lines we are able to create weights packages according to customer needs. We can pack the products in net packaging, from 500 grams up to 5 kilograms, to be put on sale naturally on in the same net bags.

Finally, internal and external logistics allow us to be able to satisfy delivery requests within 1 working day.


Chestnuts are often considered as dried fruit, associating them with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts etc. while, the chestnuts are fresh fruit. For a longer shelf life, during the consumption period, they must be kept in a sealed bag in the fridge at a temperature between 3 and 6°C, in order not to lose the consistency of the pulp and be able to appreciate all their organoleptic characteristics.

Lavorazione Marroni dell'Etna 07_Az. Agr
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