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Azienda Agricola CAVAGRANDE

Castagne e Marroni dell'Etna con riccio Primexa
Eruzione Etna

On the slopes of the highest volcano in Europe

Etna  Marroni

Azienda Agricola CAVAGRANDE is specialized in the production, processing and trading of "marroni" chestnuts with the own logo Primexa.  

We have always guaranteed the quality of the best Etna “marroni” chestnuts, without chemical additives. Easy to peel, “marroni” Primexa are delicious for the preparation of roasted chestnuts, boiled chestnuts or any other dish

The farm's area is 20 hectares, located in Sant'ALFIO, on the slopes of Etna, about 40 kilometers from Catania.  

The landscape and the environment are the characteristics elements for chestnut cultivation. The farm is located just 500 meters near the historical and millennial Hundred Horse Chestnut, considered the largest tree in the world for its foliage circumference of 59 meters and for its estimated age about 4,000 years, certainly the oldest in Europe. 

Marroni e Castagne dell'Etna Primexa
Castagne e Marroni dell'Etna con riccio Primexa
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